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What is Roboots?


Roboots is an RNG-based browser game in which robots in the Robootsland Universe fight each other based on level, color and chance factors.

The Robootsland Universe is developed in accordance with the dynamics of the real world. You can trade robots in this universe as NFTs. You may also choose to rent them. The robots can also be repaired and improved.

Roboots NFT



• Produced in the only robot factory in the Robootsland Universe,
• Need energy to work,
• Get worn out and need repairing after fights,
• Can be upgraded by adding items,
• Have standard hit damage,
• Can be improved by spending tokens,
• Each of them are unique (NFT) robots.

Robots can be traded as NFTs and they can be rented by their owners to other players.




ROBOOTS token is a utility token used in all trading, repair, improvement, purchasing of upgrading items and rental processes in the Robootsland Universe. All rewards in this universe are also distributed as ROBOOTS tokens.

Total supply of ROBOOTS tokens is 1,000,000,000 in BSC Network.

RBO Token
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Roboots Gameplay

Roboots Gameplay Video

Player VS Player

Player VS Player

Robot owners and robot renters can fight another robot owner and robot renter over a SINGLE ROUND. At the end of each fight, the robot owner and the robot renter will win ROBOOTS tokens of certain amounts.



Both robot owners and robot renters will have the chance to compete in tournaments that will be arranged by game developers. To participate in the tournaments, players will need to spend ROBOOTS tokens. On the other hand, robot renters must have sufficient energy to enter the tournament. At the end of the tournament, robot owners and robot renters will receive ROBOOTS tokens based on their ranking.

Roboots Mechanism
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